Manufaktura, Lodz

Client(s): Apsys International
Manufaktura Rynek

Manufaktura Rynek


Manufaktura Mall

Manufaktura Mall

Location: Łódź, Poland
Years: 2002 – 2007
Approx. Gross Building Area (m2): 170,000
Services Provided: Construction Economics and Project Management for Apsys.
Development Loan Monitoring for Eurohypo.
Manufaktura Shopping and Entertainment Centre has literally delivered a new centre for Poland’s second city, Łódź, with a new rynek (or market square) full of activity at all times of the year at the heart of the development.

The site was formerly industrial and falling into increasing dereliction.Many of the factory buildings had very fine brick facades, which have been carefully restored while the interiors were modernised to house modern retail and leisure operations.  The rynek is surrounded on three sides by the restored factory buildings, while on the third is the entrance to the new build shopping centre.

Manufaktura has more than 300 tenants and is a hub of activity at all times of the year.  You can read more about Manufaktura here.

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