EUROPTIMA becomes patron of Interdisciplinary BIM Project exhibition

The Interdisciplinary Interdepartmental BIM Project is an undertaking that has never been held at the Warsaw University of Technology before, and which became a massive success. Thanks to Europtima’s patronage, visitors to the New Technological Building of the University can now enjoy an exhibition that summarises the project.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is currently the most important innovation in terms of civil engineering. Its beginnings date back to the 1970s. It developed for good in the 21st century and is currently being implemented in many countries worldwide. BIM can easily be called a revolution not only because of the transition from creating flat, 2-dimensional projects to spatial 3D models (despite the fact that this is undoubtedly a value in itself). The idea of BIM is to create one comprehensive model that is never outdated and that contains a large database of structures, which will be used through all stages of its life (from concept to demolition).


As compared to “traditional” designing, where each discipline is approached separately and only uses solutions that have already been developed by predecessors, in the case of BIM designs, everyone participates in the project actively from the very start. Such an approach has allowed to develop an interdisciplinary team composed of representatives of five Faculties of the Warsaw University of Technology: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Management. Working in such teams, students could learn more about their industry and also see the work of designers from other disciplines. It was also important to gain teamwork experience and to use organisational and technical possibilities to achieve a common goal.


Students made up three multi-discipline teams that worked on three projects located on the premises of the Central Campus of the Warsaw University of Technology: Passage over the Łazienkowska Road, New Technology Campus and the Congress Centre. As a result, the first Interdisciplinary Interdepartmental BIM Project was created, which was successful on the scale of the entire University, while being recognised by a group of experts, who were widely represented during the official closing of the project. The grand closing was held on 19 March 2018. After the speech of Vice-Rector for General Affairs of the Warsaw University of Technology, Professor Wojciech Wawrzyński, Deans of the faculties involved took to the stage. Then, the students presented results of their work. A short summary of the project on behalf of all coordinators was presented by Dariusz Hyc, M.Sc., Eng. in Architecture. After his speech, diplomas were presented and the participants were invited to see the exhibition.


The exhibition, with Primary Patronage provided by Europtima, is located in the New Technological Building, on the 1st floor next to the Head Office of the Faculty of Management. The Faculty of Management will host the exhibit until 28 April 2018. Later, the boards will be displayed at other faculties participating in the project.

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