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Hotels. The meetings market means money

The hotels in Poland respond to demand up to certain size. What is missing – says Gaby Tayoun, President of Europtima – is not the hotels, It’s the lack of major convention.

Some cities in Mediterranean Region live of two or three conferences a year that can host up to 16000 people. Cannes have MIPIM or MAPIC, Monaco has a Media Conference, which bring life to the industry all over. Poland is not recognized from the international eyes a s a MICE destination. You are doing very well domestically, but you need to attract international Clients. You need to build your image and promote the region so MICE can become sufficiently recurrent business. Focus on one specialty, something that Poland stands out from. Take for example the furniture industry which is worldwide known of its quality – people would love to come and see it.

Promotion must start with a national strategy and come down to local governments and hotel operators. Investors will come where the opportunity is solid  – Gaby Tayoun.

Shopping Centers. Investment boom in Warsaw

The future of shopping centers is not only upgrading the facilities but also upgrading the experience of the customer. What are going to be the new shopping centers? Are they going to be completely different?– asks Iain Leyden, Europtima Regional Director –  Customers nowadays come to the stores not necessarily to buy something but to experience the product, try things on, have some unique customer experience which they can share on Instagram with their friends. Shopping centers should be looking at how they can draw the customers to their mall, how they can create this individual experience and make people come back and spend more time and money. Mobile apps that encourages the loyalty from the customer or facial recognition technology can help with that.

The new centers in the pipeline really need to take onboard the future of the retailers, and the future is less about the sales and more about the experience of individual person – Iain Leyden.

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