Janki Shopping Center – stage I completed!

The Construction Supervision Authorities granted occupancy permit for the first stage of Janki extension yesterday.

The first stage of extension, which started in February 2017, comprised construction of underground garage for 760 cars, 12 000 sqm of new retail space, internal and external technical infrastructure including roads and new entrance to existing part of the center.

“Completion of the first stage does not mean that our team will take the foot off the gas – it’s the other way round – we are speeding up to finish the second stage as planned” says Bogdan Kozer – Europtima Project Manager.

The next stage of the development includes construction of a second part of the underground garage, a parking lot outside the center and a new retail space. In total, Janki Shopping Center will gain 23,000 sqm of new retail space.

Finish of the building works is planned for June next year.

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