Property Forum 2019

The IX Property Forum was a huge success – 20 thematic sessions attended by nearly 130 speakers and over 1000 guests. Among them also representatives of Europtima – Gaby Tayoun and Agata Koczoń-Kobrzyńska.

The largest investors and real estate developers, experts from Poland and abroad, representatives of banks and financial institutions, tenants and local government representatives discussed the future of commercial real estate and trends in this sector.

“City. The city-forming mixed-use”

Europtima President Gaby Tayoun took part in the discussion focused on the needs of cities in the field of mixed-use projects. The modernist model of an ideal city, with each zone performing a specific function, is becoming obsolete. Small homelands are all the rage now – they are places where the inhabitants follow a weekly programme of living ‘on site’. Sustainable urban quarters, achieving a high level of self-sufficiency, and at the same time open to their surroundings – this is the development direction for global cities to follow. Creating more than just new buildings is playing an increasingly important role in the European investment market.

Gaby Tayoun, President of Europtima

“We have to look into what the future is bringing to individual. Definitely mixed-use is the right concept for our new way of life and for people-oriented cities” said Gaby Tayoun President of Europtima summarizing the discussion about mixed-use developments.

Alternative Investment. An eldorado for students

The world has zeroed in on Polish student dorms. What are the factors driving the dynamics of development of the private student dormitories in Poland? What does the market look like? What is being built and what are developers planning to do? The discussion participated by Agata Koczoń Kobrzyńska, Europtima Director Poland led to many interesting conclusions.

International funds need stability and revenues. Classic types of products are well known, but today investors are looking for alternative options. That is why private dorms became very popular. They are a creative product, relatively resistant to possible crises and have high growth potential.

Today’s demand for private dorms in Poland is partly caused by demographics. We have one of the largest student populations in Europe, and partly due to the growing popularity of studying abroad. The growing number of foreign students in Poland, the lack of good quality accommodation, high apartment rental prices have generated natural demand for places in private student dormitories.

Agata Koczoń-Kobrzyńska, Europtima Country Director Poland

“Once considered a niche the student housing sector is maturing in Poland. Still there is lot to be done in terms of administrative procedures, masterplanning and permitting to make the investment process easier.” said Agata “The discussion we started at Property Forum Warsaw should continue as a dialogue between developers, operators and city authorities in the atmosphere of partnership” she added.

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