Smart City Forum – new technologies in real estate

On 19-20 September we took part in Smart City Forum – the largest event in Poland dedicated to operation and development of smart cities.

Our Operations Manager and expert in the field of new technologies, Bartosz Zamara Ph.D. took part in vibrant discussion on the development of PropTech and BIM technologies in the process of design and construction of buildings.

The close look was taken on value generated by new technologies for the cities. How cities as developers of different sorts of buildings can benefit from new technologies was discussed. The sorts of city developments can vary from affordable residential to office building or specialised purpose building like a school or swimming pool. Each of those can adapt new technologies in order to increase comfort and quality of those developments.

The integration of data streams from intelligent, private owned, building systems to a global city data space in order to generate a live information for citizens and for city functions management was discussed as well. The chances and challenges in that matter require further analysis.

It was agreed that awareness of available solutions and clear goals statement for proper technology adaptation is the biggest challenge at this stage.

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