We are proud to present Małgorzata Waszkiewicz and our valued emloyee: Bartosz Zamara’s publication – „Value Management in Construction. Design and Execution”

The main message of this publication is that there is not enough time dedicated to construction project planning/preparation. The use of FVM can increase the likelihood of a new asset meeting all stakeholder expectations. The application of project management tools allows for the streamlining of planning and construction activities, and provides rational responses to planned and unplanned change during the construction phase.

This publication may prove to be a useful study for practitioners involved in private and public construction investment in particular investors, designers, architects, contractors, project managers, commercial professionals and members of professional organizations, federations and associations. It may also be of benefit to those students of public and private universities undertaking postgraduate studies in construction, investment management, project management, real estate management and BIM.

This page is also available in: polski

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