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Europtima is a leading construction company.

Europtima has been in business since 1970 and was founded in Czechoslovakia.

We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

We have been working on the design and construction of many notable buildings throughout Canada.

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Europtima is a construction consultancy that can offer clients assistance in all stages of the project. They have services that include project managers, construction engineers, architects, surveyors and more.

One of their main specialties is the management of real estate projects from start to finish. They are able to offer assistance with:

– All types of design (interiors and exteriors)

– Development, interior decoration and furniture for residential homes

– Marketing for sales promotion or leasing purposes

– Sales promotion or leasing purposes

Europtima Group is a construction consultancy company with more than 20 years of experience in Europe. We offer turnkey solutions for commercial, residential and specialist projects. We organise the project from A to Z: design and engineering, construction supervision, as well as after-sales services.

Europtima has always stood out because of its high quality work and commitment to customer service. Our project management team ensures that all deadlines are respected, our architects design top-quality schemes and our teams handle the installation of equipment to an exceptional level of quality.

Europtima Projects team is committed to providing our clients with the best possible advice so they can make knowledgeable choices while planning their project.

We have created this site so you can get a better understanding about Europtima Group and its projects which are being realised all over Europe: from Bulgaria to Portugal or from France to Italy

Europtima is a company that provides construction consultancy and has projects in many European countries. They are one of the few companies that do mixed-use development and also offer urban planning, property management, interior design, and building services.

Europtima has been in the construction industry for over 20 years and is headquartered in London. Some of their projects include:

-Europort Towers: A mixed use development consisting of offices on the lower levels, retail space for businesses on the ground level, office suites on upper floors

-Marina Quays West: This project offers a mixed use development with office spaces on the lower levels and residential spaces on upper levels

-DEVELOPMENT OF PORTO DESIGNE RESORT AND SPA: This project includes an impressive set of apartments, villas and cottages in Portugal’s Algarve region

Europtima Group is a construction consultancy that has been providing services for both private and public sector clients for the past 23 years.

We offer a wide range of services including commercial, industrial, residential and retail.

We specialize in the construction of hotels, shopping malls, department stores, warehouses and various entertainment venues. We also have experience in the design and building of sports facilities. Our team is well known for their high technical expertise as well as their creativity which is why we have constructed many landmarks throughout Europe.

Europtima is a construction consultancy company with more than 13 years of experience in this field. We offer professional services for those who want to buy, sell or rent a property, as well as for investors who want to buy and develop real estate projects.

Our company has 10 employees and we are proud that all of them are architects or engineers. We provide services to all levels of customers, from the beginner to the more demanding ones.

As a group, we have participated in the construction of more than 800 buildings on an area exceeding 12 million square meters, making projects like Villa Roma in Barcelona or The Lakes Golf Club in Cartagena some of our most important successes.

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