We are part of the leading international real estate and construction consultancy group Europtima

Europtima is a company that provides consulting services in the fields of construction, real estate and management.

Europtima is one of the leading European international real estate and construction consultancy group. They are responsible for providing consulting services in the fields of construction, real estate and management. They have more than 400 employees across Europe, with more than 160 people working on projects in France.

Europtima has been established since 1993, but it was only in 2006 when they expanded their operations to a global level by opening their first office overseas. Today they have over 400 employees situated in 14 offices within 4 continents.

Europtima Group is the leading international real estate and construction consultancy group. With more than 20 years of experience, Europtima Group is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic and has offices in Austria, France, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Europtima Group specializes in providing solutions for all stages of residential or commercial development from preliminary design to project management. We provide a range of services including strategic planning, architectural design and engineering as well as consultation on marketing activities and financing.

The Europtima Group is a leading international real estate and construction consultancy group.

Europtima operates locally in 26 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. As a full-service real estate and construction consultancy, Europtima offers clients services from project conception to handover or completion.

Europtima is owned by its 500+ staff who are organized in eight international subsidiaries in London, Madrid, Riyadh & Dubai (EMEA), Johannesburg (Africa), Abu Dhabi (Middle East), Kuala Lumpur & Jakarta (Asia). The company has a network of offices strategically located to offer clients comprehensive service across the world with local expertise.

Europtima is a leading international real estate and construction consultancy group. With over 1,000 professionals, we are building the future of cities around the world.

Europtima was founded in 1993 in Paris by Jean-Pierre Obin and Christian Langlois. Today we are one of the leading European real estate and construction consultancy groups with over 1,000 professionals across Europe and Asia. As such, we aim to become a resource for cities of tomorrow.

Construction consultancy: We are experts in advising on societal, environmental and economic aspects of infrastructure projects as well as providing assistance with property development strategies. We work with government agencies to help them meet their legislative requirements while providing expert advice on urban planning matters and developing relationships within the industry to foster best practice sharing across borders.

Real estate: Europtima is also a property development company that provides assistance in all stages of property investment including advisory services during feasibility studies, design management during construction phases, project management once completed and marketing.

Europtima brings together a wide range of expertise and strategic skills, including property development, construction, architecture and design.

Europtima has been providing professional consultancy services to private developers, investors and charitable trusts in the UK and overseas for more than 25 years.

Europtima provides specialist advice on all aspects of the property market. They offer a complete service from inception to completion including project management, feasibility studies and pre-contract due diligence which includes legal counsel. In this way they help clients understand their options before making any commitments.

The company offers services from the pre-construction phase to post-completion.

Europtima provides construction consultancy for large, complex projects and high profile developments with a dedicated Construction Management Group to handle all phases of the project cycle.

Europtima has developed a vast network of expertise, ensuring that each and every client is supported with the most appropriate team for their requirements – whether in consultancy or construction management.

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